Graduate Students

Xiao-Long Zhang
Visiting Ph.D. student from Jilin University (2016)
China Scholarship Council awardee

Nabil Faruk
M.Sc. student (2012-2104)
Research Assistant (2014-2015)

Stephanie Wong (NSERC CGS doctoral scholarship, PhD 2013)
co-supervised with Alex Brown

Steve Constable (MSc 2012)

Jing Yang (MSc 2012) (now at U. Penn)

Chris Ing (MSc 2011) (now in the group of Régis Pomès at the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto)

Mikyung Seo (Ph.D. 2008)

Javier Cuervo (Ph.D. 2008)

Bilkiss Issack (Ph.D. 2007)

Paul Moffatt (M.Sc. 2004)

Ben Harland (M.Sc. 2002)

Postdoctoral Fellows

Chris Herdman (Ph.D. U.C. Berkeley, USA), IQC postdoc joint with Roger Melko. Project: Entanglement entropy and path integrals
Now Assistant Professor at Middleburry (Vermont, USA)

Lecheng Wang (Ph.D. Nanjing university)
Joint with Bob Le Roy
Path integral simulations of parahydrogen
Now at Amazon

Dr. Toby Zeng (NSERC PDF, MRI PDF) NSERC Banting fellow at Cornell, now Assistant Professor at Carleton University

Dr. Grégoire Guillon [Now a faculty member at the Université de Bourgogne (Dijon, France)]

Dr. Jason DaCosta (joint with Thorsten Dieckmann);

Dr. Taras Yavorski (joint with Roger Melko in Physics)

Dr. Shahid Islam; Now a pdf with Benoit Roux (Chicago)

Dr. Hui Li (joint with Bob LeRoy); Now a Professor at Jilin University, China

Dr. Qadir Timerghazin (NSERC postdoctoral fellow); Now an Assistant Professor at Marquette University, Wisconsin, USA

Dr. Norberto Castillio

Dr. Nick Blinov

Dr. Robert (Gonzo) Ganzynkowicz

Dr. Yongdong (Lucy) Liu

Undergraduate Students

Waterloo (2009 - )

Bonnie Diep (CHEM494; Fall 2016-Winter 2017): Path Integral ground state simulations of carbohydrates

Tatiana Gatsak(Coop Fall 2016): A model for orthohydrogen

Xichen (Lori) Lou (CHEM494, Winter-Spring 2017): molecular rotations in MMTK.

Haotong (Scott) Wang (CHEM494, Winter-Spring 2017): GPU accelerated rotor calculations

Devon Fillion (NSERC USRA, summer 2017)

Devon Fillion (NSERC USRA, summer 2016)

Ayman Kassab (summer 2016)

Jayme Millar Coop student (Winter 2016)

Neil Raymond (CHEM494 student, 2014/2015)

Ahrar Monsur (NSERC USRA summer 2014)

Dongbin (Artus) Zhang (CHEM 494 student 2013-2014; NSERC USRA winter 2015)

Kevin Bishop(CHEM494 student, 2012-2013)

Nabil Faruk (NSERC USRA, Winter 2011, nanotechnology engineering project student winter 2012)

Michael Nyman (CHEM 494 student, 2011-2012)

Eric Beaton (NSERC USRA, Summer 2010)

Mathew Schmidt (joint with R. J. Le Roy and M. Nooijen)

Jason Tao (NSERC USRA, Summer 2010)

MattheW Badali (NSERC USRA coop student, Winter 2009)

Alberta (2008 and earlier):

Yuan Ma
(summer 2008)

Nicole Oro
(summer student 2005)

Kyle Greene
(summer student 2003)
(CHEM 401/403 2004)

Matthew Markiewicz
(CHEM 401, Fall 2004)

James Song
(NSERC USRA 2001 and 2003)

Peter Ferenczi

Nicholas Salyzyn
(CHEM 403 project, winter 2003)

Ryan Thompson
(Summer student, 2002)

Terri Reid
(Summer student, 2000)